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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Cliff Hui
Interview with Cliff Hui

First, let me thank you for taking time to do this interview. Let's start with a brief biography. Who is Cliff Hui?

Hello for everyone, I am Cliff Hui, I am from Hong Kong, Asia.I am an aquascaper, I am still learning and trying to make better layouts.

How and when did you start with the aquarium/aquascaping hobby?

I started my first planted tank in 2002/3, I was attracted by plants living under water at first, and trying to plant them in my fish tank. After a few experimental trying, I began to place the plants in different position. Adding stones and driftwood, and so call an layout. I make my first finished layout in the year 2006. After that, I tried to put more artist factors into the creation of layout. And now, I am still trying of different things.

Do you have any hobbies besides aquaristics?

Movies and Soccer. I am a Liverpool fan.

How long does it take for you to finish an aquascape?

It depends, sometimes I used more than 1 year to finish an layout.

Where does the inspiration for your scapes come from?

Usually from the Nature and my imagination. After that, starring on the beautiful aquatic plants, and I will have my inspiration . Remember to enjoy your life, and you will have inspiration non-stop.

How many aquariums do you keep at the moment?

About 200.

What is your favorite plant-plants that you use for your scapes?

Glossostigma elatinoides. I used it in every layout I made, and used them in different way at all.

Is there a plant you find very dificult to culture?

Different plants could be culture in different layouts. The degree of difficulty is depends on compensations. But I think it could still works on every plant.

Do you ever have algae issues in your tanks? What is your recipe for avoiding algae?

All the time and that is no importance of making it no algae at all. My recipe is making good practice on maintaining the tank. Aware of the plant growing. A lot of Algae can only tell that you are making mistakes or lazy.

Could you tell us a few words about CAU (Creative Aquascape Union)?

CAU is form by a group of close friends, and we shared our hobby and trying to promote it to more people around the world.

You have had great results in aquascaping competitions. How much do those results mean to you? Do you consider yourself a compettitive person?

It gave me a great chance of sharing my works to many hobbyists from the world. I never consider I am a compettitive person, and I will never be. Contests have rules, for technique and artistic way basically. I think it is a good method of reviewing what you done. Take a good photo of the finished layout is somehow a respect, esteem to the aquascape. Sending them to the contests were just for wondering how other people will rating it.

Many consider you to be one of the best aquascapers in the world today. You inspired a lot of people in this hoby. Do you have your list of aquascapers that you admire?

Thanks for your kind words. Of course, I have a list of them, and a list of layouts I admire. But which would be too many. I would not trying to just mention one or two of them. I like every style of creating aquascape. Especially some aquascapers have passions and layouts telling stories.

What are your plans for the future?
Make more creations, and…enjoy life!

Any message for the end?
Send me Christmas Card, not from internet.

Thanx again for your time mr. Hui!

Author: Luka Zanic

Objavio ibanezfrelon u 20.04.2011 20:53
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