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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Renato Kuroki
Interview with Renato Kuroki

Who is Renato Kuroki?

I was born in Brazil (Brazilian - Japanese) in 1970. and moved to Japan in 1991. where I have lived until 2009. I started in aquascaping in 2006. when I was a member of the most important aquascaping group in Japan - The Layout Freaks. I have learned aquascaping with legends like Minoru and Akira Yamagishi, Yutaka Kanno, Hidekazu Tsukiji and Juinichi Itakura. I have participated twice in ADA Seminar (in 2009. and 2010.) and I have worked for 2 years at Aquabase in Brazil, as ADA's consultant.

Do you have any hobbies besides aquaristics maybe?

I used to play guitar and karaoke, but now only aquascaping.

How did your beginnings in aquarium hobby looked like?

Around the 70’s my older brother introduced me in the hobby.

When did you became interested in aquascaping and planted tanks?

My first contact was in Japan, where I found and looked the ADA 2005 catalog. I was surprised how Takashi Amano could produce that amazing tanks. Later in 2006, I have visited the ADA gallery and in the same year, for a life coincidence, I met Minoru Yamagishi, the very famous sensei, the master of aquascaping and Bee shrimps. He asked me if I wish make tanks like his and I was very excited. Then he invited me to join his aquascape group - The Layout Freaks. Yamagishi sensei thought that I know everything about the art of Japanese aquascaping.

Let's continue with some technical questions;

What substrate do you prefer for your setups and why?

I prefer substrates like the ADA substrate system because I believe that they are very safe and easy to work with. I think that confident substrate makes us not to waste time to solve problems. This substrate allows more option to shape the ground of the layout.

Do you use r/o or tap water? What are the water parameters in your aquariums? Is it hard or soft water?

I use tap water and the parameters are:

pH is 6.6~6.8
Kh is 6
Gh is 6

In Brasil tap water is very soft so I have to increase Kh and Gh values.

Flow and filtration in your tanks? Do you prefer strong current and overrated filters or?

I use canister filters and often more than one filter. In my new Project 240L I have used 3 Eheim canister filters. I also prefer strong current. I need to keep a good water condition to control the Black beard algae.

What fertilizers do you use? Do you prefer lean or rich dosing?

Depends on substrate system I use ADA or Seachem line. The dosing also depends. Generally in my tanks, I introduce a good amount of fish and I don’t have to fertilize much N and P. About K, traces and Iron I dose as much as plants need.

And lighting...what's your favorite one? Do you aim for the high, medium or low light? How do you decide how much light to use?

My favorite light is ADA NA Lamp 8000K. I’m using medium light levels in every tank and I set it to 10 hours per day.

Do you ever have algae in your tank? How do you fight them?

Yes, but not much, mostly in initial tanks period. I concentrate to eliminate all possible reasons (and it could be many) and I introduce, as soon as possible, many fish to take the biological balance. It helps a lot.

Water changes, how often? How much time do you spend on aquascaping and tank maintenance daily, weekly?

Once per week I do 30% water changes. For contest projects I used to spend 3 or 4 hours per day.

What's your favorite fish?

Hyphessobrycon sweglesi.

Some aquascaping questions...

Do you have any favorite aquascapers?

Minoru Yamagishi (creative process), Yutaka Kannou (aquascaping details), Masashi Ono (versatility), Takehiro Honoki (perspective), Akira Yamagishi (natural sense), Dave Chow(creativity) and Cliff Hui (young talent).

Where do you find inspiration for your setups?

In the nature! I am influenced with Japanese aquascaping style where the relationship with the nature is very strong. At first I choose some landscape from magazine or photo and then I study to produce my layout idea. After that I look for the hardscape to materialize that layout idea.

Have you ever participated in aquascaping competitions?

Yes…IAPLC, AGA and CBAP (Brazilian contest).

Your "Ancient forest" is really really fantastic...what inspired you? What's the story behind it?

Thank you very much. The Ancient Forest was inspired from the world heritage Yakushima Island in Japan. I looked for an inspiration in Yamagishi sensei shop where I found photo book of Yakushima. I could see the big trees in forest covered with moss. It was so beautiful. Once I got an idea I tried to find driftwood to compose that. Strong as the layout needed.

While taking a photograph of Ancient forest you have used analogue photography. How come and do you think that it has advantages in relation to digital photography? What camera did you use?

In my group in Japan we photograph with Takashi Amano method. We use large format cameras 4X5”. Image quality is infinity higher compared to any digital cameras. When you see it, you feel just like in front of the real tank. The most used Cameras are Tachihara and Fuji 4X5”. The lenses are Schneider and Fuji.

For the end…message for our members?

I think our hobby is wonderful. It gives us peace and harmony, with our natural feelings. To develop our aquascaping skills the main tool is the humility.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity!!!

Author: Dario Horvat

Objavio lp u 01.03.2012 11:57
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