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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Enrico Serena
Interview with Enrico Serena

At the beginning, please introduce yourself briefly. Who is Enrico Serena?

Hi! I’m 41 years old. I live in the north part of Italy in a city called Brescia, 100km east from Milano, close to a big lake called Garda Lake. I work as graphic coordinator in the main newspaper of my city.

How did you got involved in aquascaping? What inspired you to start making aquascapes?

I got my first aquarium about 10 years ago. It was a community tank but soon I’ve been captured much more from plants then fishes and then I began to fill the tank with all types of plants I could find. One day, visiting a shop close to my home (“L’aquarium” owned by famous aquascaper Massimo Faberi winner of several awards at AGA and AAC contest) I saw for the first time ADA goods and Takashi Amano works. The sparkle was turned on, I began to read on the web everything about building one of that beauties by myself.

Do you have some other hobbies maybe?

I’m a runner: I train 2-3 times a week and I compete every weekend. I love to walk in mountains especially in summer, I like photography , cycling and basketball. I love traveling across Europe when it is possible and I love Japan. I'm a member of an Italian-Japanese Cultural Association named “Fujikai” to improve my knowledge of Japan culture. From last 2 years I’m attending a Japanese class trying to learn this language.

What's your favorite aquascaping style?

I love “Nature aquarium style” from Master Takashi Amano. I like much more old works then newer. I prefer rocks composition also knowed as “iwagumi”.

Do you have any favorite aquascapers?

Not to mention again Takashi Amano, I like works from CAU members, in particular Dave Chow. I like a lot the works from my friend well knowed aquascaper Pasquale Buonpane.

How many tanks are you currently maintaining?

I have a tank for aquascaping and a small cube for shrimps.

Where do you find hardscape and other materials for set-ups?

Usually I buy them in shops. In the area where I live the rocks are too rich of carbonates. This year, at IAPLC2012, I’ll present my first work with stones collected in nature by myself. They was collected in mountains od Alps.

What's your substrate of choice?

I use “ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia” since the day I began to aquascape.

What kind of lights you use? How do you decide how much is enough?

I have a 150W Hqi lamp with ADA bulb, normal or “green” color, depending on the types of plants I growth. Sometimes I use 10.000°K bulb for short periods when I’m shotting pictures.

What are the water parameters in your aquariums? Do you care about it?

In recent years I don’t misure often chemical parameters of water. I use RO water mixed with tap water because the tap water of my home is very hard.

How do you choose filters?

I have a Ada SuperJet Filter since 3 years. I'm satisfied of it, it is very simple and poor of technology but the pump is really powerful and the filtering media (Bio Rio and nothing else) is very performant. It is a very expensive filter but I had the opportunity to have it as “second hand” from a shop.

What's your fertilizing regime?

I use ADA fertilization system: every day I dose “Brighty K” and half dose of “Step” (I-II-III depending on age of the tank) and “Eca”. Once a week I use additives like “Green gain” and “Green bacter”,

Do you have algae problems in your setups? How do you deal with that?

Of course. I think every tank have algae. I try to take control of them with water changes and I use to clean stones with toothbrush when necessary. Sometimes I have Cianobacterias and I suck them with a silicon tube during water changes.

Do you have any favourite fish? When are the algae eaters introduced in your aquariums?

I have a school of “Paracheirodon simulans”. I really like them because they're small and they use to swim together. The only alga eaters I have are Caridina Japonica. I have some of them from years. They're really big (4-5 cm).

How does your tank photo session look like? What gear do you use for photography?

I have a Canon EOS 1000D (basic DSLR camera from Canon). You can see in attached picture how I set up the tank for photo session, with black cardboard all around the front glass. I don't have additional light as you can see. I use to correct lights and color balance, lens distortion and trimming with Photoshop.

Have you ever participated in aquascaping competitions?

Yes I have. Contests are funny if you don't take them too seriously. I have met lot of “virtual” friends thanks to the contests. I'm entering IAPLC for the 4th time this year. In 2009 I've been in the top 100 and I went to Japan for the “Nature aquarium party”. I enter the AGA contest every year and my best rank was a surprising “3th place award” with the tank “Secret shore”. Last year I was in the judging panel of 1st edition of ASWC.

How is aquascaping in Italy? Do you have aquascaping sites?

Italy is a peninsula and marine saltwater aquariums are most popular then others. They're amazing but very expensive and hard to maintain. In last years aquascaping is becoming bigger as in others European nations. We have a leading community for aquascaping called “” and I'm a staff-member of that.

Message for our members?

I'm proud and honored to be in judging panel of your contest. Have fun with aquascapes! They're a good way to relax your mind in theese stressing times and to learn, love and respect nature.

A big ciao from Italy!

Author: Leonard Popovic

Objavio lp u 27.08.2012 13:23
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