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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Justin Law
Interview with Justin Law

Thank you very for taking the time for this interview. Could you tell us something about yourself?

I'm Justin. I have been working in the < for nearly a decade. I am also a freelance photographer.

A lot of people know you as an aquascper, from Creative Aquascape Union, but at the moment you are more active in photography. How long were you in aquascaping and how did you start?

It all started with a sudden interest in keeping fish in 2003. I surfed the internet on how to keep a beautiful tank, then I discovered that it was way too boring to have only fish in the tank. I found that aquaplant as a decoration can add more colours to the tank and make it more dynamic, which made me feel amazing. There was a Taiwan Aquascaping Contest at that time and a Hong Kong guy, Wayne Sham, won it. I was so impressed by his work that It's just like a forest under the sea. That's how I fall in love in aquascaping. I started to make my own tanks and joined contests. Not until 3 years ago that I gradually dropped the interest.

Where did you find motivation for your set up?

Aquascaping was not that common in Hong Kong during that time. But lucky that I have met a few enthusiasts, including Wayne. Wayne persuaded me to join
contests, so as to get myself motivated to keep a good tank.

Did you prefer faster or alower water flow in your aquariums?

A faster one. It seems cleaner to me.

Which kind of fertilizers did you use? Through the soil or water column?

ADA Iron Bottom or ADA Black Soil.

Let's continue with photography...

They say that you fight with your heart, not your sword. Is it true in photography?

It's true. If you do not have your heart in it, you won't spend extra time and effort in it. I have once stood on the street for hours just to take a shoot of a hectic HK. One needs to spend much time on learning to master even a very top camera.

Which equipment did you use for photgraphing you aquariums ? Is it possible to do excellent photo without additional lighting from the side of aquarium?

Canon EOS 5D with EF 17-40mm F4L. Having additional lighting can always make it more 3D.

When we look at camera properties, for aquascape, which would you recommend for beginners?

At least have one DSLR with one wide-angle lens.

How does the f-stop affect the photo of aquarium?

The bigger the f-number, the greater the depth of field, the clearer the details of the whole aquarium, then the better the photo.

What about of speed of shutter speed, due to the fact that you have to freeze the fish?

Must be over 1/100.

Do you take photos in .raw or .jpeg? Why?

In .raw because it makes it a lot easier to control the sharpness, brightness, WB etc. of the photo.

Do you use any programs for photo processing? What do you process?

Photoshop. I usually tune the saturation, sharpness, brightness and contrast.

Which lens is, according to you, the best for taking photos of aquariums? From which distance?

Canon EF 17-40mm F4L or EF 16-35mm F2.8L II

When did you start to get more interested in photography?

Sometimes I went hiking and took photos of streams and creeks in order to get some inspirations of aquascaping. From time to time, I have taken loads of landscape photos and discovered many stunning views. So I get more interested in photography.

Looking at your photos we notice that your photos look very gentle. How do you achieve this effect?

I simply do it with Photoshop.

Do you prefer taking photos outside or in the studio?

I like taking photos outdoor because there are more unexpected scenes and need more techniques to control the camera. It's challenging.

When you take photos in the studio which equipment do you use?

Studio lighting.

Which photography techniques do you prefer?

At least you need to know the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Question that we ask on purpose : Which do you like better Canon or Nikon? Why?

The colour of Canon, especially the skin tone and noise control is excellent.

At the end...

You have achieved great results in aquascaping contents, which is your favorite set up?

Summer Dance.

How do you look on aquascape today? How much did it improve today?

People nowadays are much more creative and have more techniques and ideas.

Do you have favorite among aquascapers?

Amano, the chief of ADA.

At the end a massage for our members?

If you want to get improved in aquascaping, you must go closer to the nature and learn from others. Photo shooting skills are also important. Practice makes perfect.

Mr. Law, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview, we wish you good light!

Author: Dario Horvat

Objavio lp u 09.01.2013 09:55