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Članci Početna » Intervjui na engleskom » Interview with Pasquale Buonpane
Interview with Pasquale Buonpane

Could you tell us something about yourself? Where you came from, what you do for a living, etc...

Hi,my name is Pasquale Buonpane,I'm 44 years old and I'm the owner of a small garden center in Piedimonte Matese,in the south of Italy,so plants are both my hobby and my job.

How did you begin with this hobby, especialy aquascaping?
I have always been an aquarist,my first tank goes back to my childhood but I started to get interested in aquascaping in 2006.

Which problems were you having at your beginnings?

No particular problem: I had a good experience with aquariums, but before 2006 I had been dealing mainly of fish breeding so I just had to study something more about aquatic plants.

When did you realize that you are good at aquascaping?

My first planted tank was awarded with the second place in the 'AGA contest in 2007, so I immediately knew that I was going in the right direction.Since then I've always tried to do my best.

Plant keeping...

When you make a new setup, do you make layout sketch on paper or do you improvize and make layout right away?

I've never done projects on paper...typically I start with an idea, I try to recreate that atmosphere in the aquarium. So I make several attempts with rocks or woods until I have the feeling that everything is in the right place. Often the final result is quite different from the initial idea.

What kind of soil you use and why?

Every substrate that has an aesthetically valid color and is light and porous enough for good root development and for a good bacterial colonization.

How much light do you use while starting your layout and how much afterwards?

I usually turn on all the lights from the beginning with a complete photoperiod of 8-10 hours per day.

What do you think, is it important to have lot's of light above aquarium? If yes, what is advantage and disadvantage?

Intense illumination affects mainly on the rate of plant growth. This can be useful for those in a hurry or for those who want to get the final result in a short time, but plenty of light also increases the risk of algal invasions if you make a mistake in fertilization, especially in the early days. My tanks are never very lit (usually a little more than 0.5 w / l), so that the plants grow more slowly (and in a more natural way) and I'm not forced to use the scissors every week and I almost never have problems with algae.

How do you manage chemistry in your aquarium? Do you need to know a lot about chemistry if you whant to be a better aquascaper?

Personally I do not think : you should know the chemistry of the water but it is not necessary to test all the time ... in my aquarium I use only tap water, I'm lucky to have a water with perfect and constant values in my area, so it is not necessary to measure the values because i already know the values of the outgoing water.

When do you start fertilizing your aquarium? Do you buy your fertilizers or you make them yourself (DIY)?

In the past I used almost all lines of fertilizers more known, currently I prefer to prepare them personally because in this way I have the possibility to dose each element separately and to customize the protocol from time to time according to the type of tank.

How offen do you change your water, do you have any special day or you change water when you find time to do it?

I usually change about 30/40% of water every week,in specific days for each tank.

What do you think about filtration? What kind of media do you use and what is the size of your filter?

I believe that the importance of a filter is not so much in size as in the movement of water it produces in the tank : a mature aquarium can be considered itself a large filter thanks to the bacterial colonies that settle there. A powerful flow allows bacteria to receive nourishment and oxygen in every corner of the tank. The filtering material is important only in the start-up phase especially if you start with materials that are already mature (preferably from another aquarium). In my filter I only use sponges and ceramic elements already colonized by bacteria.

What do you prefer, high flow or low flow of water in aquarium?

As I said I think a strong flow is very important. In my larger tanks I often add an additional pump to increase water movement.

About aquascape...

While looking at your photos we noticed that you are a nature lover, especially mountain landscape. Is hiking your hobby?

Yes, hiking and cycling ,together with aquascaping ,are my favorite hobbies: I try to spend all my free time in contact with nature.

Where do you get your inspiration for your scapes?

It 'easy to assume that many of the inspirations I get are from the landscapes that I observe during my trips in the mountains. From the mountains in my area often come also the rocks that I use in my tanks.

Many of your works are in iwagumy style with lot's of rocks and few plants, especialy the last one. How come?

There is no doubt that rocks are the material I prefer to work with. I particularly like the sense of stability and calm that can be expressed with a rock composition, something difficult to express with woods that are generally more dynamic.And this is the reason why I prefer to use a few species of plants: many plants create movement and distract the observer from the hardscape.

We noticed that you use one kind of aquarium dimension. What is the reason for that?

At the time I take care of 5 tanks of different sizes, for competitions I usually use the two larger tanks 140 and 160 cm long.

Is it easier to show landscape in a bigger or a smaller aquarium?

I do not think it is easier or more difficult, it depends on what you want to achieve and on the ability of the aquascaper .... I saw beautiful landscape even in very small tanks.

How much time do you need to finish your aquascape?

It takes me a lot of time to complete the hardscape, often more than two or three weeks ... generally I get the final result not before 5-6 months.

What do you think about aquascape contests?

I think it's a great way to deal with the most talented aquascaper of the world ... it is something that drives us to always give the best we can.

What do you think about italian aquascape scene?

In my country acquascaping is a fairly common hobby, we have many talents but not everyone loves to take part in competitions for which not all are known abroad.I am part of the staff of the Italian aquascaping forum and in recent years many young talents are emerging,I'm sure you will surely hear about them in the coming years.

About photography...

Do you make your own photos of aquarium?

Unfortunately photography is not among my favorite interests but fortunately I have a few friends who photograph my aquariums for me.

What kind of background do you use while taking your final photo?

Generally I do not use backgrounds, I think only for one or two of my aquariums in the past I used a black background.

What kind of software for photoediting do you use? What kind of editing do you do?

I do not like too much to modify the pictures ... I usually limit myself to adjust the brightness and in some cases sharpness.

For the end...

Do you have any advice for for our members?

All I can say is to observe nature to find your inspirations: if you look for inspiration in famous aquariums you'll never realize anything original and you will only clone the ideas of other people.

Thank you very much for this interview. Greatings from HAS members and administration.

Author: HAS Administration

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